The Power of Social
In a Secure Private Community

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Engaging groups with powerful social collaboration tools
that have higher adoption rates than some of the most popular social networks known.

  • Easy Group Formation

    Easily form any group and have them instantly focused on a targeted project, topic, campaign, or line of communication

  • Easy Wiki Pages

    Easily set up centralized resources for any group, editable by those you allow to be moderators.

  • Hyper Group Messaging

    Keep the entire group updated with unlimited content, multi-media, and communications in a format they are most used to on a daily basis.

  • Private Messaging

    Send private messages to any group member for more direct communication needs.

  • Familiar Social Network Look & Feel

    Styled and made functionally intuitive to emulate some the most highly adopted social networks.

  • Document / File Management

    Keep files and documents stored and relevant within the full context of any group, page, project, or any other relevant communiaction stream.

Social Innovation

Using the most modern, convenient and highly adopted solutions,
we are bringing groups together and fostering a level of engagement that was previously unacheivable in many settings.


  • Increase Engagement

    Give groups the ease of communicating in a culture of awareness and in a format which they have already become acustomed to.

  • Maximize Targeted Campaigns

    By allowing easy group formation and live feedback interaction, any campaign can now easily be targeted specifically AND will gain maximum momentum through group-relative word of mouth and engagement.

  • Generate a Culture Proactivity

    Sendr increases comradery and accountability through peer group visibility and notifications. Response times are faster, work gets done faster, and overall group intellectual property and activity increase dramatically.

3rd-Party Audit And Analysis Shows That Sendr Has A 75%-85% Adoption Rate Amongst Users


Great Organizations Use Private Social Networks